Zintan and Kikla cities exchanged prisoners, in Al-Asaba town on Sunday, as part of the ongoing efforts to prevail peace and achieve reconciliation in the western region.


Al-Asaba Elders Council’s spokesperson, Ali Al-Taher Hatuish, stated that 16 prisoners were released, 12 from Zintan, and 4 from Kikla, as a gesture of goodwill.


He also pinpointed that the council held a third session for the two Zintan-Kikla committees appointed to facilitate a roadmap to the safely return of the Kikla-displaced people to the city and to inhibit any violations that may occur in the region in the long run.


Hatuish told the Libyan News Agency (LANA) that both parties showed serious goodwill intentions and agreed on several points to be discussed and implemented later with the municipal officials in both areas.