By Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani

Whoever does not hurry up to bless the government, which was firstly announced on air in Skhirat, Morocco and fell short of all expectations, is thus considered an obstacle to the dialogue!

Even the dialogue participants were astonished by the surprise! Whoever does not support and back the government is a hardliner and does not work for the interest of Libya!

I ask the members of the GNC! Where are the constants from which you set out for the dialogue? Are any of them still there?

A draft that still has essential unresolved points of misunderstanding of which you are unentitled to speak unless you approve the proposed government! 

The draft authorizes one of the parties to be the sole constitutional body and it gave it the right to all the sovereign positions, all legislation and rules issued after being signed will not be effective unless approved by that party. On the other hand, the draft gave the GNC –after having robbed it of even its name- the position of the advisor.

As the third world implies, when you want to get rid of somebody and put them on the shelf, turn them into a consultant, there he will remain until he passes away jobless!

Tighten the draft, and guarantee your rights, do not waste your rights – Practically and not verbally! Then speak about the government!

Have you identified the meaning of the word ‘terrorism’ about which the draft speaks? Have you defined it? Lest the other party will use it in exterminating his opponents as we see now in Benghazi and eastern province, which even reaches up to killing a Quran Scholar who was over eighty.

If you do not identify the meaning of the word ‘Terrorism’ do not you expect that you would transfer the bitter experience to Tripoli, or give it legitimacy?

Have you identified the Army and Security Departments, which were assigned many tasks, including the fight against terrorism?

Do you agree that in case of dispute to refer to a commission that is authorized to refer to a foreign party for a final ruling? Is it permissible for a Muslim to approve such matters? Allah says in Quran: “If have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the messenger, if you are believers in Allah and the Last Day. That is better and more seemly in the end "

Where is the principle of respect for the judiciary that is a base from which you set out for the dialogue? An Arabic proverb says, ‘build the throne, then engrave it’.

First tighten the draft, guarantee your legitimate rights, and the rights of whom you represent then speak about the government!

Do not accuse, who urges you to do so, of disabling or damaging the interests of Libya when in fact, it is you who causes the damage and you will become like those who put the cart in front of the horse!

Whoever wants to build the upper floor before building a strong foundation has endangered the structure and has caused the house to be demolished!

The sons of the nation are accused of delaying the dialogue if they do not agree on the building without foundations!

The international mediator is not accused of fraud and deception, even when he changes and plays with the agreement or increases and decreases it behind the backs of the dialogue team!

To the last moment, the draft only explained that the Prime Minister has two deputies, but the UN mediator added a third one on air!

To the last moment, the draft agreement says, the President of the State Council will be chosen through election but the international mediator figured that it is (in the interest of Libya!) the President be nominated through appointment, and so he appointed him at the press conference!

This happened before the ink dried and attendants left the place! So what happens when time passes and the agreement becomes old?

This forgery passes unnoticed among supporters and those who are silent as if nothing had happened, amid unprecedented international and local media support.

Even foreign ambassadors, who were watching the drafting word by word, liked the fraud, strongly supported it, and emphasized it through their countries, which show us that they are not mediators, but they are trustees!

Namely they are ‘agreements’ but not respected, so they could be violated and played with at any time.

As for the West, they only want a government with wide authorities, a government that listens and obeys like the government they made in Iraq and elsewhere.

If you have an illegal partner in the company contract, you will call him a cheater or a fraud and you will not agree to hand your money over to him or to somebody from his part; so for Allah’s sake, how could you agree to hand your country over to him without having even written guarantees?


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer