By Abdularazag Al-Dahesh, a Libyan journalist and writer

Libyan often has to go to Djerba, even because of a fit of coughing, noting that the number of workers in the government health sector in Libya exceeds 140,000, while in Britain less than 120,000. While the number of tourists who visited Libya during the last ten years, may not reach ten, the number of workers in tourism reaches more than 10,000, which is more than double the workers in the tourism sector in Spain, which receives more than 80 million tourists. 
The number of workers in the education sector reaches about 660,000, while the number in Tunisia does not exceed 66,000, and we may have to bring in teachers from Tunisia to cover the deficit in scientific subjects. 
The number of workers in the culture sector is more than 25,000, which is more than double the number in France, where the income of culture exceeds Libya's oil needs, while the number of visitors to cultural centers does not reach even a quarter of the number of workers in them. 
The number of workers in the security sector exceeds a quarter of a million, meaning a security man for every 30 citizens, which is an average that is not found in any country in the world, knowing that in a country like Norway, the number does not even reach 70,000, as no one of the Norwegians has to use a rickety Hyundai and an old phone for fear of theft. 
The number of workers in the cavalry sector exceeds 5,000, and the last Libyan film is The Music of Rain, which is more than 30 years ago.  
The number of workers in the administrative apparatus in Libya approaches two million, in a country whose population does not reach eight million, while the number of workers in the German government does not reach 800,000 employees, and its population exceeds eighty million. 
We have embassies in countries with which we do not meet, even in the circumambulation of the Kaaba (Tawaf/around the Kaaba).


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer

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