The Editorial Board

The United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions on the Commander of Al-Samoud Brigade, Salah Badi, at the request of Britain, the United States and France, under the terms of UN Security Council resolution 2213 (2015).

The sanctions included travel ban and asset freeze for “obstructing the political process in Libya and opposing the UN-recognized Government of National Accord”.

But is Salah Badi the only person hindering political solutions for Libya’s crisis?

In the eastern region of Libya there is a parallel government headed by Abdullah Al-Thani, and a parallel central bank headed by Ali Al-Habri who caused a severe financial crisis in the country by illegally printing banknotes in Russia.

There is also a warlord in the eastern region who defines himself as "the General Commander of the Libyan Army" named Khalifa Haftar whose actions are applauded by Western countries diplomats and UN envoys to Libya!

Khalifa Haftar does not recognize the Government of National Accord or the UN-brokered Libyan Political Agreement. He commands many armed factions, including a radical group called "Madkhalis", yet the United Nations and Western countries recognize him as "the General Commander of the Libyan Army!"

Ambassadors and senior officials of Western countries have been meeting with Khalifa Haftar in an attempt to appease and convince him to work under the Government of National Accord, but the rogue man insists on being "the only savior of the nation" like former dictator Gaddafi!

Haftar launched fierce wars in Benghazi and Derna under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”, and he deployed his armed groups in the south of Libya, while continuing to threaten to invade and control the capital Tripoli on the pretext of "liberating it from militias, Muslim Brotherhood Group and the Libyan Fighting Group."

His supporters in the eastern region have also attacked polling stations and demanded his appointment as “the ruler of Libya.”

Later the man took a step back claiming that his "army" will protect the elections and that he will recognize the election results provided that they are free of fraud, which is an implicit hint of his intention not to recognize the results in case he or one of his nominees lose. The pretext would be ready on the table: "Control of the national ID system by militias, Muslim Brotherhood Group and the Libyan Fighting Group!!!"

Haftar went further and admitted during the Palermo Conference on Libya that he does not recognize the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army position except for an elected president of the country, and that the post of Supreme Commander, which is now occupied by the Chairman of the Government of National Accord according to the LPA, should be passed over to him “the General Commander”.

We also saw sanctions imposed by the European Union on the Speaker of the House of Representatives Aqailah Saleh, the President of the National Congress Nuri Abu Sahmain, and the Chairman of the Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghwail, including assets freeze and travel ban on the pretext of “undermining the political process and obstructing the Government of National Accord.”

But why haven’t we seen sanctions against Khalifa Haftar and his aides Ahmed Al-Mismari and Abdul Razzak Al-Nadouri?

Why does not the Security Council include Haftar on the sanctions list as one of the most prominent obstructers of the political process?

Is it a double standard?!!!

Is Haftar’s actions are “permissible” and what others do “taboo”!!!!!

Or are they attempts by the West "from under the table" to enable Haftar to control Tripoli, and reinstate him as the new dictator of Libya?