Turkey defended Tripoli and did not attack Benghazi !!

Turkey defended Tripoli and did not attack Benghazi !!

March 04, 2021 - 21:57
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By Farag Dardour, a Libyan writer

Faraj Dardour

This essential difference should not be ignored. Whereas five countries, mercenaries, and tribal militias attacked Tripoli, the Volcano Rage Operation forces confronted them and saturated them with death as a penalty for their ignorance. Turkish help did not come until a year later at the request of a legitimate government when the Russian Wagner militias and behind them the defeated malicious tribes, whose paying for those militias to kill more and more, became deadly to the people of Tripoli.

Since the defeated in Tripoli, Haftar, is still exporting his scrap to Turkey, as well as his looted money, and the youth of Benghazi are still crowded in Istanbul to ship goods to the East, and everyone goes to Istanbul, as we need Turkey to build, pave the roads and trade which is more suitable for us, the civil character prevails over our relationship with Turkey, especially after Libya benefited from the return of its territorial waters, which it lost due to Greece’s arrogance.

This strategic achievement in the maritime agreement that was achieved with Turkey, the traitor, Agilah Saleh, who is protected by the Russians, wanted to spoil it with his visit to Greece, but he failed. This traitor today wants to lose Libya's rights through Tunisia negotiations to satisfy the vanity of his master Haftar, who sold part of the territorial waters to Italy for a few dollars before the Government of National Accord stopped the contract . In addition, Gaddafi's aides were called Erdogan “the winner of the Gaddafi Prize for Human Rights".

Therefore, attention must be paid, as Turkey's relationship with Libya, which has spanned hundreds of years, is in favor of Libya in the west, east and south, and it cannot be discussed, and it dealt very late with the legitimacy to defeat the rebels and force them to stop fighting and to utter peace out of fear.

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