By Abdularazag Al-Dahesh, a Libyan journalist and writer

When the project is a Homeland, we should open the auction with the highest threshold.

Al-Sarraj has not said that, but he opened the way of the Homeland with a wide area of ​​concession.

He could be satisfied with declaring his intention to hand over the tasks to a new executive authority, but he set a sooner date for this renouncement.

Who could cede more for the sake of the Homeland!! at the time of power clinging, looting and blackmailing!

Whatever it saying or it said about Al-Sarraj, through the demonization, resentment and revenge speeches.

The important question remains: Can Haftar take the same step, at this same time?

Can he ask the dialogue committee to choose a new army commander before the end of October? Considering that the homeland is greater than everyone, and greater than all!

We do not want talk about 8,000 young Libyans who died in an unnecessary, even reckless, and crazy war.

We do not want to talk about more than 10.000 injured people, 250,000 displaced, and more than 15,000 housing units destroyed.

We do not want to open files and dossiers that will not be closed, and crimes that do not fall out politically.

We do not even want to ask what if the money that was spent in the war on Tripoli was spent on the reconstruction of Benghazi.

We want to build a democratic country, in which everyone respects the election results and the term office. Peaceful deliberation is not only about holding elections, but also leaving with it.

We want a Military Institution that based on the doctrine of defending the homeland and protecting the constitution, considering that the leaderships are built for the army, and not to create the army for leaders.

Al-Sarraj tried many times to be part of the solution; could others try not to be part of the problem, at least once?

This is Libya, and this is Al-Sidra, and who will concede more?


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of The Libya Observer