The Municipality of Hai A-Andalus is planning to switch to solar energy to provide homes in the district with its electricity needs.

As the electricity blackouts continue, municipal officials revealed that they are studying the possibility of installing solar panels at homes, seeking private financing to implement the project.

The municipality officials met with the Nucleus Company specialized in solar energy, and representatives from the Jumhouria Bank.

The state's largest bank will offer Murabaha loans for residents of Hai Al-Andalus who have bank accounts at the bank to purchase a domestic solar system, according to a statement by the municipality.

The Murabaha mechanism is an Islamic financing structure also referred to as the (cost-plus financing).

Each home will need a 5kva solar system to provide around 11 to 20 hours of electricity, depending on consumption, according to the municipality's statement.

It expressed hope that the step would solve the power cuts problem and help with the electricity grid stability.