Libyan doctor Khalid Saeed Al-Dirisi, has managed to develop a new sensor that monitors blood sugar through breathing, in collaboration with Professor "Huitan Lo" from the Department of Construction Management and Operations at South Dakota State University in the United States.

The sensor allows diabetic patients to monitor their blood sugar via a small hand device.

The innovation was ranked first in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition from the Brooking Innovation Center of South Dakota State University.

Doctor Al-Dirisi clarified in a press statement that the device works by responding to the breath of the patient, using a new technique developed at the South Dakota University.

"A simple puff on the device is all it takes to monitor your blood sugar," Al-Dirisi said.

Dr Khaled Al- Dirisi was born in 1978 in the Libyan eastern town of Marj and received a high diploma/physics in 1999 before continuing his studies at Washington State University.

He is currently a faculty member of Texas A&M University as well as a doctoral student at the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Faculty, and an assistant teacher at the University of South Dakota.

The project was funded by the Office of South Dakota's Governor and the U.S. National Science Foundation.