The National General Authority for Organ, Tissue, and Cell Transplantation in Tripoli hosted a lecture by Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Falah, a researcher at the Research and Technologies Center, on the furute of stem cell therapy in Libya.

Dr. Al-Falah -who is also a member of the team of facilitators at the University of Arizona USA- presented adequate information about stem cell banking and the method of extracting the cells and establishing such banks.

The seminar, which targeted directors of hospitals and specialists in this field, focused on maintaining stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord for their use in treating cancer.

The head of the National General Authority for Transplantation of Organs, Tissue, and Cells, Dr. AIhtiush Faraj, said this project is a strategic and national undertaking, and there is a need to consider it pragmatically and seriously.

He confirmed that there are major hurdles to overcome before future stem cell treatments could reach Libya. "It may be difficult, but not impossible," Dr. Faraj said, hoping that this would be the beginning of the road for this field in Libya.

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