Al-Ahli Tripoli has won today the pre-season friendly tournament that has been hosted by it at Tripoli Stadium.

The winning match was a tie with Al-Madina team at the Tripoli Stadium, where Al-Madina's Musadaq Al-Emami, was given the red card.

The final match also saw some ex-footballers honored like Khalid Hussein from Al-Naser team, Khalid Zakri from Al-Madina, Mohammed Jilani from Al-Akhdar, and Saleh Al-Jali from Al-Sweihli.

Al-Ahli took the title from Al-Naser by the difference of the number of goals as they both reached 7 points.

Al-Ahli Tripoli's friendly tournament, which is in its second year, kicked off on April 19 and ended on May 02, with five teams including Al-Ahli (Al-Sweihli, Al-Akhdar, Al-Naser and Al-Madina) taking part.