The Libyan Basketball Federation (LBF) decided to name Al-Ahli Tripoli a winner for the title of Libyan Basketball Super Cup, for the first time in its history.

After Sunday's match against Al-Nasser saw a wave of Al-Nasser fans' riot, the LBF decided Tuesday that Al-Ahli was the winner 20-0.

The match that was held in Benghazi's Sulaiman Al-Derat last Sunday saw different types of riots by Al-Nasser fans and thus the basketballs had to leave the court.

The game stopped in the third quarter (1.23 minutes before its end) with Al-Ahli Tripoli in the lead 53-40.

The LBF decided first to have the game resumed on last Monday without fans, but members from Al-Nasser management entered the court and disallowed players from kicking off the match.

The decision also listed for punishment the head of the steering committee of Al-Nasser team, Ezzidine Al-Wakwak, ordering a ban on his attendance with the team in the matches for 16 matches to come. Another team member was also punished.

LBF also fined Al-Nasser 2500 Libyan dinars plus the damages and losses impacting the court in Benghazi, besides banning fans from attending two matches for Al-Nasser.

Al-Nasser won the Libyan Basketball League last season, while Al-Ahli Tripoli won Libyan Basketball Cup for the same season.