The Libyan Football Federation (LFF) condemned the “irresponsible” assault on Al-Ittihad footballers by “some reckless” persons before the latter entered Benina stadium in Benghazi to play Al-Ahli Benghazi on last Sunday as part of the fourth round of the round-of-four of the Libya Soccer League.

“We call on the concerned authorities to arrest the persons involved in the immoral act that doesn’t represent all security apparatuses.” The LFF added, without saying the final word about the match points or whether or not it will be re-played.

Meanwhile, Sports and Youths Authority issued a statement similar to the LFF’s, without calling for any punishment of the attackers on the footballers.

Rioters backed up by security personnel from Al-Saiqa Force assaulted the players while boarding the bus en route to Benina stadium, sources from Al-Ittihad club said on the day of the incident.

Al-Ittihad fans were outraged by the assault and went on protests denouncing attacking the players in the city of Benghazi, holding slogans condemning lack of action by “police and military” and others deploring the role of Khalifa Haftar, naming him “a fallen captive” and “a coward.”

According to several sports analysts, this incident and lack of action by the LFF could escalate tension between the two teams and could lead authorities to suspend the about-to-finish Libya Soccer League.