The Committee for Organizing Competitions of the Libyan Football Federation (LFF) has set October 13 as the date for the remaining two matches of the Round of 16 of the Libya Football Cup.

The remaining two cup matches will be played at the same time: Al-Ahly Benghazi v.s. Al-Shabab Al-Jabal at Ajdabiya Stadium, and Al-Sweihli v.s. Al-Khums at Abu Salim Stadium.

The LFF postponed the first match after the withdrawal of Benghazi Al-Jadida to be replaced by the Shabab Al-Jabal, and postponed the second match after the withdrawal of Al-Hilal Sabha to be replaced by Al-Khums.

The Committee for Organizing Competitions used the regulation that says if a team withdraws from the cup tournament, the team that was eliminated in the previous round by the withdrawing team would take its place.

The Committee did not set a new date for the quarter-final matches, although it had previously announced that it would be held on October 14, which could not go through given the new date for the resumption of Round of 16 matches.