Al-Itihad beat Khaleej Sirte 3-1 on Friday as part of the second round matches for group (2). Al-Itihad three goals were scored by Al-Mutasim Sabou, Al-Sunusi Al-Hadi, and Al-Mutasim Bushnaf, while Khaleej Sirte’s goal was scored by Saleh Al-Taher.

Al-Itihad now has 6 points after winning twice to become at the top of the group by goals difference, however; Khaleej Sirte stopped at three points from one win and one loss.

For group (1), Al-Akhdar beat Al-Tahadi 1-0 at Al-Bayda-based Omar AL-Mukhtar Stadium. The goal was scored by Hammadi Ali giving his team six points to compete with Al-Nasir for topping the group, while Al-Tahadi stopped at three points only.

On Saturday, the Libyan Soccer League second round matches resume with two games. The first between Darnes and Al-Hilal at Al-Bayda-based Omar AL-Mukhtar Stadium and the second between Tripoli’s Al-Ahli and Al-Tarasana at Tripoli International Stadium at 11:30 pm.