Libyan Basketball League finals kick-start in Benghazi

Libyan Basketball League finals kick-start in Benghazi

January 08, 2017 - 19:17
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Written by: AbdulkaderAssad

The draw of the Libyan Basketball League (2015-2016) finals took place in Benghazi with four teams, Al-Itihad, Al-Ahli Tripoli, Al-Ahli Benghazi and Al-Naser, from groups A and B.

“All matches will be without spectators.” The Libyan Basketball Federation’s contests committee and the league’s supervising committee indicated.

According to the draw, the opening matches will be between rival derbies starting with Al-Naser and Al-Ahli Benghazi at Sulaiman Al-Tharat Arena and then Al-Itihad against Al-Ahli Tripoli.

On Monday, Al-Itihad will play Al-Naser, while Al-Ahli Benghazi will play Al-Ahli Tripoli.

The final matches will be on Tuesday, when Al-Naser will play Al-Ahli Tripoli and Al-Itihad will play Al-Ahli Benghazi.

This finals round is a points-based one where the team with the most scored points from the three matches will be the winner of the Libyan Basketball League’s title for 2015-2016.