The Libyan General Federation of Kickboxing has held a seminar in Al-Khoms city for the preparation of referees and coaches in the central region.

The seminar was held between 15-20 October and was attended by Head of the federation Musa Gargab.

It hosted 7 coaches and 13 referees from the central region of Libya.

Gargab said the seminar is the third one to be held in the country. The first was held in Tripoli and the second was in Benghazi.

“The seminar aims to promote our kickboxing and Muay Thai in addition to 4 other games,” he said, adding that his federation also aims to prepare Libyan kick boxing referees for Arab competitions.

He indicated that the federation is planning to host a kickboxing competition between all municipalities in the country, but date has not been fixed yet.



Photo Gallery: Kickboxing Seminar