Peace Football Championship kicks off in western Libya

Peace Football Championship kicks off in western Libya

March 08, 2020 - 20:01
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Sport is a powerful tool for strengthening social ties. It could play a positive role in promoting peace and transcending political divides.

In this context, the Peace Football Championship for age groups kicked off Sunday, at the level of the western region clubs, under the slogan "Peace Builds Countries".

The tournament is hosted by the cities of Zuwara and Al-Jameel, west of Libya.

Around 10 clubs are competing for the title, namely, Al-Jazeera, Al-Mostakbal, Rafeeq, Wifaq, Al-Urouba, Al-Shabiba in Sorman, and Saraya of Al-Zawiya, in addition to the Najm Al-Reifi of Misurata, Mawaheb of Regdalin, and Zuwara Junior Center.

Juniors and cadets matches will be played on Al-Mostakbal stadium in Al-Jameel, while Al-Jazeera Club in Zuwara will host the mid-aged category.