Libyan taekwondoka, Yousif Shariha, was awarded a gold medal for 58 kg contest at the African Taekwondo Championship, which is taking place at the international hall in Port Said, Egypt - May 20-22.

Shariha won the gold medal after he beat Egypt’s Taekwondo champion in the final match for 58 kg on Friday.

Meanwhile, at the African Taekwondo Championship, Libya is represented by 4 athletes; Adam and Yousif Shariha, Mouaid Al-Darhoobi, and Taha Al-Aswad. They are all coached by Mohammad Belqasim.

This competition comes as part of a training and preparation plan for Africa and Libya’s champion, Yousif Shariha, before he participates at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016, which is going to kick off this summer.