Tripoli Security Directorate said it is ready to secure the attendance of 10.000 soccer matches spectators for Al-Ahli Tripoli v.s. Al-Madina match next Thursday at Tripoli International Stadium.

Spokesman for the directorate Abdelbasit Al-Tabbal told the press Sunday that they contacted the sports facilities directorate and told it of their readiness to secure the first floor of the stadium only as the second and third ones had partially collapsed.

"Youths and Sports Authority contacted us earlier about the possibility of securing the spectators at Tripoli stadium and we replied in agreement to secure 10.000 fans for each match." Al-Tabbal added.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Libyan Football Federation (LFF), Fateh Halbous, said they have no qualms about the attendance of fans.

The LFF told Tripoli, Misrata, western and southern regions' branch football federations earlier that the matches would be without spectators at Tripoli International Stadium, adding that the security plan was not approved by the LFF bending finishing the repairing works agreed on with the sport facilities directorate, which also earlier said that fans cannot be allowed to attend as the stadium and its light poles need repairing.