The Tripoli-based Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly Tripoli have both qualified for the final of the Libyan Football League of this season by winning semifinal matches against Al-Ahly Benghazi and Al-Akhdar respectively, thus leaving fans on tenterhooks for a derby of the capital at the final.

Al-Ittihad won 1-0 against Al-Ahly Benghazi on Sunday at Misrata Stadium. Tunisian player, Ghazi Al-Ayadi, scored the winner at the minute 77.

Al-Ahly Tripoli won 2-1 against Al-Akhdar at Benina Martyrs Stadium. Al-Akhdar's Abdelrahman Al-Amami scored first from the spot, while Anees Salto and Mohamemd Al-Tarhouni scored for Al-Ahly.

The derby at the final will be between Al-Ahly Tripoli and Al-Ittihad at Tripoli Stadium for the league trophy of 2020/2021.