Tripoli University has announced the launching of a sports club under its own name in a ceremony held at the university two days ago.

The Head of the Tripoli University Club, Eyad Al-Misrati, said the sports club will be officially on the sports scene in the coming days and will take part in 6 group games.

"The Tripoli University Club will take part in all official sports events." Al-Misrati added.

He also indicated that the administration of Tripoli University will assign a new headquarters for the club as the university has gotten about 100.000 students, whose talents could be well fostered to create good teams for the university.

"The university will be responsible for funding the club activities as part of its ongoing motivational approach toward social and sports activities among students." Al-Misrati explained.

He further explained that such an initiative will definitely boost friendship and solidify relations among the club members and help fill their free times with constructive sports and social attributions.