Facebook blocked in Libya, telecom companies deny involvement 

Facebook blocked in Libya, telecom companies deny involvement 

September 03, 2018 - 20:21
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad


The spokesman for the International Telecommunications Company in Tripoli said Facebook has gone down due to a malfunction of the international provider. 

Likewise, an official at the Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT) told reporters that Facebook wasn’t blocked but encountered a technical error, saying they are contacting the international provider to solve the issue. 

Libyan Mail, Telecom and IT Holding Company said poor internet services are chased by the security status in Tripoli as the engineers couldn’t reach the locations of the devices and reboot the equipment that went down due to power outages. 

The company added in a statement on Monday that engineers are trying tirelessly to reach the power stations to provide them with the needed fuel to reactivate them and solve the problem. 

In the meantime, The Democracy and Human Rights Foundation condemned what it said the policies in Tripoli and called upon the free world to stand by the Libyan people.

“Blocking Facebook and imposing other fascist measures by the Libyan Government of National Accord is an affront to freedom, democracy, and human rights.” It remarked. 

Libyans were taken by surprise as internet services slowed down considerably before Facebook had gone down completely.