The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Telecom Holding Company, Faisal Qarqab, has held a meeting with the Egyptian ambassador to Libya, to follow up on the agreements that were signed in the field of communications, technology, training and development, during the visit of the delegation of leaders from Libya’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector to Egypt last June.

During the meeting, Qarqab praised the joint cooperation between Libya and Egypt in the field of communications and information technology, saying “we look forward to this cooperation reaching us in twinning several projects between the two countries”.

The two sides also discussed the mechanism of establishing the Libyan-Egyptian company, which will be concerned with putting the necessary initiatives under implementation, and laying the foundations for Libyan-Egyptian investment programs in the field of technology industry and localization, in an effort to reach a complete digital transformation in the two countries.

Last June, the Telecom Holding Company signed 4 memoranda of understanding with the Egyptian Telecom Company in the areas of digital transformation, postal services, capacity building and entrepreneurship, as well as technology localization.