Qasim Al-Arbi, an ambitious young inventor from the oasis town of Ghadames, has made a low-cost robot that is specially designed to defuse bombs, a step he hopes to help police forces in their daily tasks.

A graduate of Engineering Technology College, Qasim said he made his "Z Anti-Bomb" robot using locally available materials and it aims to find best solutions to the current security problems in Libya.

This robot is equipped with a wireless camera that can move up and down to check inside car bombs and controlled remotely through its screen. It can reach any car bomb and defuse it from a distance of 2 meters.

"It's a self-made robot, thus its efficacy might not be that good, but if I get support, I can enhance the efficacy until it works from a distance of 8 meters away from the target and make its body bigger." He said.

Ghadames has a number of young inventors who complain about lack of support. Earlier, Anas Najm Eddeen Amzoraz invented a special bed for patients with tetraplegia to help them depend on themselves in doing some of their daily routines.