The Chairman of the Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company (LPTIC) Faisel Gergab discussed with the UK ambassador to Libya, Nicholas Hopton, using British technology in internet security, in addition to joint cooperation in Telecommunications, upgrading and investments.

LPTIC said the meeting also saw discussion about the return of British companies specialized in internet technology and telecommunications to work in Libya and take part in strategic planning for future projects.

On Saturday, Gergab talked with the Egyptian ambassador to Libya, Tamer Mustafa, about establishing a joint Libyan-Egyptian company, which will be responsible for implementing the agreed initiatives from a recent visit from a Libyan delegation to Egypt, where several contracts in the field of telecommunications were signed.

"The company will also be responsible for laying the principles and foundations for Libyan-Egyptian investment in technology, localization, and digital transformation." Gergab and Mustafa agreed.

LPTIC signed last June four memoranda of understanding with the Egyptian Telecom Company in the areas of digital transformation, postal services, capacity building, entrepreneurship, and localization of technology.