For peace, Al-Busiri runs from Nafousa Mountain to Tripoli

For peace, Al-Busiri runs from Nafousa Mountain to Tripoli

August 06, 2016 - 18:43
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan globetrotter, Abdul-Salam Al-Busiri, started his running trip from Nafousa Mountain down to Tripoli in order to advocate peace in a journey under the slogan “Let’s shake hands and forgive for the homeland”.

The supervisor of the journey and the head of Libyan Club for touristic trips, Abdelnaser Jahider, said the journey was kicked off from Wazin town in Nafousa Mountain going through the rest of towns and cities until Al-Busiri reaches Tripoli, where he would be crossing a total of 420 km on foot in ten days.

“It is his third journey under the supervision of the Libyan Club for touristic trips as his first was from Ubari to Sabha when he crossed 150 km in November 2015 and his second was from Ras Ajdair to Misrata.” Added Jahider.

He added that he met with all the mayors of Nafousa Mountain towns and cities in order to make sure things go smoothly for the trip, saying they all were positive and promised him to help Al-Busiri’s trip go comfortably.