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Abdulsalam Kajman: The Presidential Council allocates budget for security measures in the South of the country

The deputy chairman of the Presidential Council, Abdulsalam Kajman confirmed during a press conference that the government had finally approved to allocate a budget for security arrangements in wake of the crisis in So

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Corruption charges aimed at boycotting Presidential Council member and HoR member

Former Libyan consul in Egypt, Adel al-Hassi, has made some claims of corruption and fraud against some prominent political figures in Libya during an interview on 218 News TV.

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Branded “a terrorist,” leader of J&C party of Muslim Brotherhood calls slain Operation Dignity fighters “martyrs”

The leader of Justice and Construction Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing in Libya, Mohamed Souwan, has shocked many after praising those killed while fighting under the umbrella of Khalifa Haftar’s Operation Dignity

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Khalifa Haftar special forces exhibit debunked as ‘propaganda scheme’

Khalifa Haftar - warlord and self-proclaimed commander-in-chief has caused a stir on a recent visit to Tunisia.

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