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Job seekers close crude pipelines

Crude oil flow to Al-Zwitina port had stopped due to closing the oil pipelines by job-seeking protesters, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) said yesterday.

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Traditional Equestrian

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Afriqiyah Airways resumes flights to Ghana

Afriqiyah Airways has announced a new local flights route from Mitiga and Labreq airports to the southern city of Al-Kufra starting Wednesday, May 06.

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Current spending policy puts Libya economy at risk

The Audit Bureau report, issued on Monday, revealed that Libya had spent more than a quarter of its 2014 foreign-exchange reserves in an attempt to compensate for the drop of the vital oil revenue. 

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More than 600 illegal immigrants intercepted in western Libya

The central sector in the Libyan Coast Guard seized on Sunday five boats in northwestern Al-Garaboulli, some 60km to the east of Tripoli, carrying almost more than 500 illegal immigrants of different nationalities.

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Libyan coast guard officer released after ten-day detention in Italy

The Italian Authorities have released Abdulsamei Friwan, a member of the Libyan Coast Guard, who has been under arrest in Italy for 10 days.

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Libya scraps tax on Tunisian travelers

Libyan Authorities have cancelled the 30 dinars tax imposed on Tunisians who want to enter Libya as the Tunisian Authorities cancelled their tax on Libyans entering Tunisia. 

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