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3rd Force signs peace agreement with Magarha tribe

A reconciliation and peace agreement signed on Thursday between the 3rd Force of the General Staff and Magarha tribe in southern Libya. 

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My deputy is corrupt, Al-Thani admits

Prime Minister of Tobruk government Abdullah Al-Thani has admitted that his deputy minister for security affairs is corrupt. 

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UNICEF launches ‘Together for Children’ campaign

UNICEF launched on Tuesday ‘Together for Children’ campaign with municipalities in Libya. 

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Fake national IDs found

The Libyan Audit Bureau announced yesterday on its webpage that it had found 412687 fake national ID numbers, among which 22554 numbers were above legal age, while some of which were registered with a birth-date of 1900 exceeding the age of 115.

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Libya oil production increases

Libya has managed to increase oil production reaching 600 thousand barrels a day by reopening two oil fields in the western region in addition to the ports in the northern region, which are still operating against all odds and armed attacks, Reute

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Libya Dawn takes Dignity compound

Libya Dawn brigades from Tajoura launched today a massive attack and took control of the Juvenile Detention Center, which was under control of an armed group loyal to Dignity Operation and led by militiaman Abdullah Sasi. 

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NOC warns about illegal sale of Libyan oil

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has said, in a statement, that some unidentified merchants have illegally put the Libyan crude oil for sale in the oil market. 

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