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Black smoke covers Jalu

Clouds of thick black smoke filled the skies of Jalu on Monday putting the region on the brink of an environmental disaster, caused by burning of petroleum residues at Nafoura Oil Field, 15km away from the town.

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Education Ministry launches e-school project

The Ministry of Education has launched an e-school project which aims to provide comprehensive geographic database for schools in Libya. 

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PM Al-Ghweil meets ESDF

Prime Minister of Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghweil, met in Tripoli today Board of Trustees of the Economic and Social Development Fund to discuss the Fund’s report of activity and foreign portfolios.

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Hariqa Port resumes oil export

The Arabian Gulf Company said today that the Port of Hariqa in Tobruk had resumed work and a tanker was able to enter the port to load crude oil after a delay period due to bad weather.

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Al-Abani criticizes dissolved parliament performance

The dissolved parliament member, Mohammed Al-Abani has expressed his utter disapproval of the parliament and the performance of its speaker Aqila Saleh.

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LibMAC celebrates Mine Awareness Day

The Libyan Center for Mine Action (LibMAC) celebrated on April 04 the International Day for Mine Awareness in Janzur. 

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CBL to request national ID numbers to cash salaries, official say

The Head of the Media Bureau in the Central Bank of Libya, Isam Al-Oul, stressed that the bank will never neglect the national ID number verification before cashing out any salaries for all of the workforce in the government as well as for the stu

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