The first international exhibition of food and nutrition concluded its activities at the Industrial Research Center in Tajoura Monday.

The event attracted numerous specialists in the food and nutrition field, academics, researchers, technicians, and manufacturers, who produced important recommendations concerning food safety on all fronts.

In the context of addressing the prevalence of chronic diseases, the participants called for stepping up awareness campaigns on food safety, improving people's food practices, and keeping pace with scientific progress, such as the use of electrochemical nanotechnology.

They also stressed the need to raise the efficiency of national cadres and encourage them to actively participate in the advancement of various institutions related to food and nutrition, as well as encouraging local food industries to use available natural resources such as date products and others, while adhering to good manufacturing practices.

Community health requires establishing laws for protecting consumers, and a national strategy to ensure food and nutrition security for all, according to the recommendations.

It is noteworthy that the event was organized by the Libyan Society for Food and Nutrition under the slogan (Food Production and Processing - Quality and Nutritional Value).