Libya Dawn Operation revolutionaries representing 23 cites issued on Wednesday a statement in Al-Zaweya to show support to the General National Congress as the sole legitimacy in Libya urging everyone to comply with its orders.

The statement indicated that all of the revolutionaries must be united all around Libya and that Libya Dawn partners are not allowed to declare neither war nor peace unilaterally, in addition, any assault on a Libya Dawn city or on its revolutionaries would be taken as an assault on Libya Dawn revolutionaries as a whole.

The revolutionaries reiterated their demand for the freedom of Congressman Suleiman Zoobi, who is still kidnapped by Zintani militias, and expressed support for all of the front lines, stressing that the political isolation decree is a red line not to be crossed.

The statement included also a call for reactivating the National Guard by constructing it from the revolutionaries who showed an undivided loyalty to 17 February revolution, and a call for the GNC not to allow the dialogue to vary and swerve off the track, pointing out that the participants in this statement strongly denounce Leon’s draft and disown the tribes’ meeting, which will be held in Egypt.

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