The head of Tobruk government’s media, Omer Al-Gwiri, has boldly affronted the Tunisian President, Beji Caid Essebsi, which has sparked widespread controversy and reactions in Tunisia.

In a Facebook post on his page wall, Al-Gwiri said, “Essebsi will be lit and burnt then turn to ashes,” in response to Essebsi’s statements by which he said that Tobruk government has no actual power on the ground and that being recognized internationally remains meaningless.

He also satirized Tunisia’s economy urging Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE to intervene and help Tunisia recover its economy so that it avoids being “a prey for both Qatar and Turkey”.

Interviewed by Egyptian Al-Nahar channel, Al-Gwiri also asked Saudi Arabia and the UAE to resort to the military intervention in Tunisia to unchain it from Turkey’s hegemony, as he said.

Al-Gwiri, who lacks diplomatic experience, has previously spilled similar statements that provoked Tunisia’s outrage. He said, “Tobruk government may find it necessary to open an embassy in Mount Alhaanbe, a stronghold of IS militants, and another in Carthage Palace" as a reaction to Tunisia’s decision to open a consulate in Tripoli which made Tunisia declare him persona non grata, calling for an apology from his government, which was given later by Al-Thani.