A man identified to be Abdul Hamid Al-Fantazi has handed over a tracking device he found strapped to the body of a black kite ( Milvus migrans) to the Ministry of Environment.

Abdul Hamid found the remains of the bird while he was on his farm located in the southern region.

The Minister of Environment Ibrahim Al-Arabi Mounir received the device from Al-Fantazi at the ministry's HQ and offered him a shield in honor of his awareness of the importance of monitoring and following up on biodiversity, in addition to his enduring the hardships of traveling to hand the device to the Ministry of Environment in Tripoli.

Al-Fantazi said he had contacted the authorities concerned with following up on migratory birds to find out its source in order to deliver the device.

The Department of Nature Conservation at the Ministry of Environment confirmed after following up on the issue and reaching out to local and international organizations that the bird was released from the Czech Republic.