The administration of the Man-Made River said water supplies to Tripoli and its suburbs have experienced shortages due to repair works in Al-Hasawna system in Jafara city as well as a sabotage action in the middle water channel by one of the residents in there.

The head of the media office, Tawfeeq Al-Shwaihdi, said the repair works in Jafara have begun since last Monday and the workers had to empty the southern water channel at the water system and then they filled it again.

“There is a leakage in the middle water channel as one resident sabotaged it when he was trying to steal one of its valves and thus leading to leakage, which obliged the maintenance team to replace it, that is why we had to empty the water and then refill it.” He added.

Water supplies will be resumed as usual in Tripoli and its suburbs on next Saturday and we had taken the needed measures to make that happen, as the southern water channel will be refilled with water as planned, Al-Shwaihdi indicated.

Tripoli and its suburbs have been plunged into dire shortages of water supplies, while some areas in the capital suffered from a complete lack of water supplies.

The administration of the Man-Made River called for lifting the freezing of its bank accounts and called for facilitation of letters of credit so that it can buy needed maintenance equipment for the river’s system. It also urged the residents to stop vandalizing the water channels and pipelines and to try to preserve them, as they are crucially important for providing water to all Libyans.