The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) announced the start of withdrawing the first and second prints of the 50 dinars banknotes from circulation on Sunday, saying that the last date for accepting the 50 banknotes in banks will be the end of the working hours on Thursday, August 29.

The CBL asked the banks operating in Libya and their branches to enable the public to present the banknotes and deposit them in their current accounts, as well as to organize the work in a way that facilitates deposit operations.

The statement circulated by the CBL also urged people to sort out and classify each print of the 50 banknotes separately in order to facilitate deposits into the bank accounts. It also urged for putting the banknotes in the vaults of the Issuance Department in Tripoli - Benghazi - Al-Bayda - Misrata - Gharyan - Sabha, as soon as possible.

It urged banks to exercise due diligence when receiving currency to prevent counterfeit currency from being passed, including taking into account controls against money laundering and terrorist financing crimes.

The Central Bank of Libya published a presentation on the 50 dinar banknotes in circulation showing details of the differences between four prints of the 50 banknotes, singling out two authentic and two counterfeit prints.