The latest data on energy supply to Europe has revealed that Libyan gas exports to Europe through pipelines came in fifth place among the largest five exporters.

A map of gas flows through pipelines to European Union countries until August 13, which did not include liquefied natural gas shipments, showed that each of the gas exports coming from Norway, Algeria, Russia and Azerbaijan preceded Libya, according to data posted on X by the gas industries expert at the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC), Wael Abdelmouti.

Libya recorded a gas pumping rate to the European Union countries through pipelines of about 5.3 million cubic meters per day, while the total gas exports flowing from the five countries to the European Union amounted to 453 million cubic meters per day as of August 13.

Meanwhile, the Libyan government was seeking to increase energy exports to Europe by opening the doors for investment to the private sector and by intensifying partnerships with foreign companies.

The Italian company Saipem has won a new contract worth one billion dollars to develop Al-Bouri natural gas field, which is located in the Mediterranean. The Italian company signed the contract last week with Mellitah Oil and Gas Company to develop the field project.