The Ministries of Culture and Cognitive Development and Tourism and Traditional Industries signed memorandums of cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Friday to enhance collaboration in the tourism and culture sectors.

The initial memorandums, signed in accordance with applicable regulations and laws, aim to strengthen cooperation in tourism and culture fields. They also emphasize cultural exchange through visits between experts, writers, and artists, as well as the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and skills.

Additionally, the agreement focuses on publishing books and capacity building to improve the qualifications of cultural and artistic workers in both countries through various programs such as training sessions, workshops, and participation in book fairs, seminars, conferences, and literary festivals.

The signing ceremony, held at the Atatürk Cultural Center, was attended by Libyan Ambassador to Turkey Mustafa Al-Qulaib, Libyan Consul General in Istanbul Salahaddin Al-Kashef, and Libyan Deputy Minister of Tourism Hanan Al-Hasi.


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