The Libyan Center for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences has called for declaring the state of emergency to confront and reduce the expected drought and provide an alternative solution for water shortages.

In a statement, the center said that the negative impact of climate change is closer than ever.

It pointed out that on August 19, the Sentinel 3 satellite captured an image of desert dust crossing from North Africa to Italy across the Mediterranean, explaining that this is not the first time, but this phenomenon has become increasingly frequent in recent years.

The disasters of forest fires in countries in both North Africa and Europe increased during the summer season, and according to the statistics of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service, Spain is the country most affected by these fires, as 250,000 hectares have been burned since June 4th, it explained.

The Sensing Center further clarified that the drought that Britain, France and Italy witnessed has been unprecedented, and rivers which are means of transit for ships loaded with foodstuffs and vegetables between regions and countries became dry, and the scale of decline in water levels was terrifying, in such short period of time.

The center noted that Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are all witnessing fires in different areas of forests and natural reserves.

The center revealed that, according to the recommendations of the National Committee to Combat Desertification, there has been drought during the last three years in Libya, calling for declaring the state of emergency to reduce drought, and to provide an alternative for the lost quantities of water, whether for drinking, irrigation or fodder for breeders to protect livestock that are basically vulnerable, according to the center.

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