The commander of the 444 Brigade, Mahmoud Hamza, was officially released on Wednesday night after he was briefly detained by the Special Deterrence Force (SDF).

Al-Tekbali camp, the headquarters of the 444 Brigade, saw celebrations last night on the occasion of the release of Hamza, in addition to other celebrations in Souq Al-Jumua area.

Footage published by the media office of the 444 Brigade showed the arrival of the brigade's members and some citizens to Al-Tekbali camp to welcome Hamza.

Before Hamza was officially released, the Stability Support Apparatus received Hamza from the SDF, as a neutral party to end the escalation that Tripoli witnessed in over 24 hours following the announcement of his arrest.

The SDF spokesman, Ahmed Salem, said in a statement that the commander of the 444 Brigade had been handed over as a detainee to the commander of the Stability Support Apparatus, Abdul Ghani Al-Kikli, to be interrogated.

Social, military and political parties held intensive meetings last night inside Mitiga Air Base, which resulted in the release of Hamza and a ceasefire.