The intention of the UN envoy to Libya to meet military and security commanders without permission from state authorities has angered the GNC president.

President Abu Sahmain sent on Sunday three formal messages to the prime minister of Salvation Government, Chief of Staff and Chief of Intelligence to take legal actions against those who will attend Bernardino Leon's meetings without prior permission for their departments.

Addressing the Salvation Government, Abu Sahmain requested Prime Minister Khalifa Al-Ghawiel to form a supreme disciplinary council, made up of legal, economic and security specialists, to set up the necessary investigations into those meetings and refer the attendees to the judicial authorities.

"All those who contributed to these acts are to be held accountable in accordance with the laws and legislation in force." He said in his letter.

Abu Sahmain held the Department of Military Intelligence responsible for not reporting the participating officers.

He also held the participating mayors accountable for attending in these meetings without notifying the government.

The message also requested PM Al-Ghawiel to take the necessary action to stop these meetings.

"All airports, land exits, marine ports, passports departments, civil aviation administration and security departments are to be notified to take the necessary measures to hinder any meetings outside the legitimacy and duly report them." The message reads.

In the second message addressed to the General Staff, Abu Sahmain ordered the Chief of Staff to list the names of military officers who met or to meet Leon without permission from the military institution.

He also called of reactivation of the departments of the Intelligence Agency.

In a message to the Acting Chief of Intelligence, he ordered him to send intelligence agents to the hotels and residential areas, where foreigners are residing, to make sure of their visas and purpose of their visit to Libya.

"Libya witnesses exceptional security conditions which enabled some foreign intelligence agencies to carry out negative roles affecting the national sovereignty." He noted.

On Saturday, Abu Sahmain sent a formal message to Bernardino Leon to express his disapproval over the latter's intention to meet army officers without permission from the GNC dialogue team or the General Staff.