Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has directed the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural and Animal Projects Development and Investment Agency to thoroughly evaluate all agricultural and animal projects. 

The aim is to assess their feasibility in terms of development and investment, to ensure operational resumption, and to contribute to achieving food security and satisfying the local citizens' needs. 

During a meeting with the management committee of the Agricultural and Animal Projects Development and Investment Agency, along with its directors of departments and offices, and in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Animal Wealth, the Prime Minister emphasized the need for a clear strategy to develop and invest in agricultural and animal projects. 

He called for establishing guidelines and mechanisms for investment and providing opportunities for national participation to activate these projects and create genuine partnerships between the private and public sectors through legal regulations. 

Moreover, Dbeibah highlighted the importance of encouraging foreign direct investment and ensuring equal opportunities for all investment tools based on established standards. 

To this effect, he underscored the necessity of setting up a framework that supports the growth of agricultural and animal projects and creating a conducive and stable investment environment for local and foreign investors.