The Director General of the Libya Development and Reconstruction Fund, appointed by the House of Representatives, Belgassim Haftar, signed contracts with Turkish companies to implement several projects in Benghazi.

The Reconstruction and Stability Committee of the House of Representatives said on its Facebook page that Haftar signed contracts "with major Turkish companies specialized in the field of general contracting, equipment and infrastructure, in order to begin work on several projects in Benghazi.”

The Committee explained that those projects included maintaining and completing the central library of the University of Benghazi, maintaining and developing sewage treatment plants, and maintaining and cleaning "Lake 23 July" to achieve one of the sustainable development goals in the city of Benghazi and ensure clean beaches free of pollution.”

The Reconstruction and Stability Committee said that these projects will pass through the study and design stage before the actual start of work to ensure their sustainability and effectiveness in serving Libyan citizens in Benghazi.

Belgassim Khalifa Haftar signed in recent months many contracts with Turkish and Emirati companies in order to implement many reconstruction projects, especially in the areas affected by the devastating floods that swept the city of Derna and Jabal Al-Akhdar areas, as well as the cities of Benghazi and Ajdabiya.