Hostages released in Tripoli

Hostages released in Tripoli

November 18, 2015 - 10:47
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Released hostages

Six hostages including a Turkish national were rescued on Tuesday, the Interim Room for Tripoli Security and Protection has announced.

In a dawn operation, the IRTSP, mostly made up of Misrata brigades, said it had stormed a villa in Al-Hadba and released the six hostages including the General Manager of Tripoli Central Hospital Abdul-Jaleel Ghariebi and Turkish national Said Oglu, who works as an education officer for the Turkish community here.

It has been found that the hostages were detained by one of Abu Salim district's brigades; while reasons of their seizure were not revealed.

Shortly after the operation, gunmen, believed to have connection with the Abu Salim brigade, closed the highway and arrested several citizens of Misrata origins, in retaliation for the dawn operation.

Negotiations are underway to contain the strained situation, security sources said.

Last night, a coalition of some Tripoli brigades released a statement saying there are against the behavior of some revolutionary brigades which appointed themselves as Tripoli policemen.

Meanwhile, the Special Deterrence Force said on Tuesday it had thwarted an attempt to create chaos in the capital.

Armed rioters, believed to be supporters of Dignity Operation, exploited the tense situation between the Abu Salim brigade and the IRTSP, stole two garbage trucks and closed Al-Qadisiya roundabout. The SDF intervened and reopened the roundabout while the rioters fled the scene.