The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj appointed Wednesday Ali Kanna the commander of Sabha military zone.

Ali Kanna is known for opposing Khalifa Haftar and his Dignity Operation and his new post in Sabha is set to place him in direct confrontation with Haftar's forces, which are carrying an operation in the south.

According to local sources, Kanna arrived in Tripoi Tuesday and met with PC officials including Al-Sirraj, adding that his appointment was approved by all political parties including the High Council of State.

The sources added that Al-Sirraj is set to appoint Mohammed Al-Sharif as a new Chief of Staff to replace Abdelrahman Al-Taweel.

The appointment of Kanna came one day after Al-Sirraj condemned military escalation and airstrikes in southern Libya.

Al-Sirraj also ordered Tuesday a military force to head to Sharara oilfield in southwestern Libya in order to secure it and help reopen it for production, Western Military Zone Commander Osama Juwaily said.

Juwaily added that the force contains Petroleum Facilities Guard personnel and a neural brigade and they were tasked to help end clashes in the south.