The health of Libyan national Salim Alaradi, detained in the United Arab Emirate without charge, is deteriorating, his family disclosed Tuesday.

The family said in a press release that Salim, who also holds a Canadian citizenship,  has a number of pre-existing conditions in his spine prior to his detention that have increased in severity as a direct result of that detention, along with subsequent complaints caused by his detention.

"Salim is suffering from chronic back pain as a direct result of the conditions of his cell. He has been denied access to specialized medical care." His family added.

His daughter, Marawa, said her father is being tortured and denied his basic human rights by the UAE State Security.

"Salim has been exposed to physical inhumane torture, regular interrogation, sleep deprivation, psychological torture, malnutrition, solitary confinement and unhygienic cell conditions.  His health is in critical condition and he has been denied appropriate medical assistance." Human rights reports say.

Salim, a businessman, was detained in Dubai on August 28 of last year for unknown reasons, with no charges or access to a lawyer.  He was among 10 Libyan businessmen who were arrested at the same period including his brother Mohammed, who was released after having spent four months in prison.

Mohammed, who only holds a Libyan citizenship, said torture began shortly after he was imprisoned.

"They attached me to an electric chair, and beat me all over my body. They put like machines on my hands – on my nails – tied to my nails. They banned me from sleeping for nine days – and I stayed standing with barely any food. They tortured me until I wished for death.” He revealed.

Amnesty International and Human Right Watch have both called on the UAE authorities to reveal the whereabouts of Salim and his companions, saying they were subjected to enforced disappearance and all are at risk of torture and other forms of ill-treatment.