The Government of National Unity (GNU) has announced the signing of an agreement with the International Medical Corps, a non-profit humanitarian organization based in California, to provide psychological and social support to those affected by the floods that swept the eastern region of the country.

A statement issued by the GNU said that the agreement was signed by the Director General of the Citizen Service Center, and Deputy Director General of the National Center for Disease Control, with the Director of the International Medical Corps branch in Libya.

This agreement comes in response to the natural disaster and the negative psychological effects suffered by the survivors and their families, in addition to the teams working in relief efforts. 

The two sides agreed to harness all capabilities, equipment and human cadres to provide the necessary services to the people affected by the floods. 

According to the statement, psychological support would be provided to cases that contact the “Citizen Service Center” via the toll-free number 1444 or the center’s Facebook page using the center’s online platform, and specialists affiliated with the International Medical Corps will follow up on the cases to refer those who require clinical treatment to specialized hospitals and clinics. 

The agreement also included training Libyan medical personnel to provide psychological support, under the supervision of the National Center for Disease Control, and devising a database for cases that would receive psychological care.