The Internal Security Apparatus (ISA) commented on a report published by Amnesty International last Wednesday, in which it said that the Internal Security Apparatus must put an end to violations under the name the Guardians of Virtue Apparatus.

The ISA explained that Amnesty listed in its report a set of allegations and claims of human rights violations committed by the ISA, adding that the Guardians of Virtue program was not launched by Internal Security, as Amnesty claimed, but rather by the General Authority for Endowments and Islamic Affairs of the Government of National Unity.

The ISA confirmed that it supports any efforts undertaken by the Endowments and Islamic Affairs Authority and other competent authorities to confront what it described as religious, intellectual and moral deviations in Libyan society, in a way that contributes to protecting citizens from any dangers.

It added that Amnesty International “mentioned in its report an important aspect related to its attempt to attack and fragment the social fabric of the cohesive Libyan society, by mentioning that the ISA seeks to arrest members of the Amazigh community and followers of the Ibadi doctrine in a cheap attempt to spread division and separation between the people of one nation."

The ISA accused Amnesty of trying to impose human rights standards in their global sense on Libyan society, which conflicts with the national religious, social, constitutional and legal values of Libya and its people. It pointed out that this approach consists of "issuing such false reports, slander and allegations through which this organization attempts to mislead international public opinion regarding the situation and the state of human rights in Libya."

It renewed its commitment to ensuring the protection and preservation of human rights, citizenship and basic freedoms in their national sense and their religious and social manners, as guaranteed by the Interim Constitutional Declaration and the rights and freedoms in force as well as legislation and laws.

The ISA also stressed that its work is consistent with procedural and legal legitimacy and guarantees of human rights protection, as witnessed by national human rights and legal institutions that closely follow the work of the ISA.