The Libyan Ministry of Finance has received a reply from the World Bank regarding the emergency letter for allocating funds and an assessment team for the areas ravaged by Storm Daniel and ensuing floods that swept through eastern Libya on September 10-11.

According to government spokesman Mohammed Hammouda, the work will be carried out in accordance with one of the internationally applicable systems from the World Bank. He pointed out that establishing long-term work required further measures by the Libyan state and the World Bank.

The Ministry of Finance asked the World Bank for assistance to reconstruct the areas affected by the floods that swept the eastern regions of the country, urging the institution to provide immediate support to the affected Libyans.

In a letter to the World Bank, the Ministry of Finance requested it to use its expertise in three areas to reconstruct disaster districts, the first of which is the rapid assessment of the damages resulting from the floods by conducting an immediate and comprehensive assessment of the damages and losses to ascertain the full scope of the destruction, based on its experience in this field.

The second area was to make emergency cash transfers, with the government’s guidance and support in establishing a rapid program for emergency cash transfers to affected communities in the ravaged cities, considering that timely financial assistance was crucial to alleviating the direct burdens of the community.

As for the third aid area, it was related to the management of reconstruction funds, asking the World Bank to assist the government in establishing an international fund to collect the resources necessary for large-scale reconstruction efforts and manage it effectively.

The Ministry of Finance also said that the urgent humanitarian aid could be disbursed by the United Nations and its partners working on the ground to the most vulnerable and massively affected groups.