A Palestinian-American lawyer has filed a lawsuit with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Khalifa Haftar for committing war crimes in Libya.

Lawyer Akram Abu Sharar told the London-based Alquds Alarabi newspaper that he aims to investigate Haftar and verify the accusations against him regarding his commitment to multiple war crimes, especially following the discovery of mass graves in Libya.

"All documents and statements issued by human rights organizations indicate that he has committed, with the help of the UAE, war crimes, especially after the discovery of mass graves in Tarhouna, following his defeat in the city.

Abu Sharar clarified that he hopes this would "trim the UAE's claws, which is using Haftar as a tool to shed more blood", adding "If Haftar is held accountable, the role of the UAE will recede and the bloodshed will stop."

The lawyer pointed out that in addition to this complaint, there are other cases filed against Haftar before the US federal courts in the civil part.

"Being an American citizen, he could face criminal proceedings under the Terrorism Act of 1996." Abu Sharar points out.

He reiterated he will file a lawsuit next week against the UAE before the ICC, explaining that in the case of the Libyan file, a case may be filed against the UAE under the state-to-state assault.

"Abu Dhabi backed Haftar with weapons and mercenaries and conducted airstrikes against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Libya, as well as government's HQ, Abu Sharara noted, indicating that members of the US Senate and Congress will receive a copy of the case.

He revealed that his next step will be carrying out an investigation, and if crimes are proven to be committed, a preliminary court will be held, and a decision to arrest Haftar will be issued, and therefore the countries that are part of the Rome Convention are obligated to arrest him, as he put it.

"To merely file a lawsuit is important in and of itself, as it will draw attention to Haftar's crimes, then the matter would be left to the court to investigate these crimes, and put questions to the UAE to answer them in front of world public opinion," Abu Sharara stated.